Tax Training Seminars

What: Seminar on How to complete T1 Personal taxes

When: September to December

How to register: Contact us at [email protected]

Eligibility: Must be a current student enrolled into college or university who is willing to work with us during the tax season


How it works?

Canadian tax system can be complicated for a few of us.

No need to worry! We will take a deep dive into “How to file personal taxes for students” in a 3 hour seminar held in Mississauga.

Most tax courses focus on theory rather than the practical knowledge. Our 3 hour crash course focuses on life examples on how to be proficient in filing taxes for students.

The seminar is meant for people who want to pursue a career in taxes (ideal for students). It will cover the basics of:

– Completing tax filings for students using different practice exercises on Taxants.ca
– Introduction to tax tools required for filing returns (T183 and T1013)
– Income tax and Benefit return (T1 General)
– E-filing registration and maintenance
– Walk-though of different tax Forms: T4, T1DD, T2202A and many more!
– Registering for “CRA My account” and “Represent a client”
– Difference between provincial and federal tax slabs
– Dates and deadlines for individuals